Cotton Tree Thrive is proudly Australian made and owned, premium milk powder and formula. Thrive every stage of life. Stage 1, 2, 3, manuka honey, pregnancy & expectant mothers and seniors 50+ formula


Australia owned and operated.

We are a family just like yours, we are made up of kids, grandkids, parents and grandparents.

Thrive powdered milk products were inspired by a desire to develop a range of products that nourish from the inside out to help our family thrive.

As the saying goes, the greatest wealth is health, so we developed our own range of milk powdered products and we’ve been receiving compliments ever since!

We are a proudly 100% Australian owned and operated company and our ethos is to source the finest quality milk from Australian dairy farms and blend this with premium ingredients to produce consistent, high quality products in every tin.

Our milk is sourced from country Victoria, one of Australia’s most famous dairy regions which consist of clean, green, open fields surrounded by mountains and no pollution. The relaxed lifestyle of dairy farms cows in this pristine environment is one of the reasons that milk from this region is of the finest quality.

We are methodical in our approach to ensure that our products provide the best possible nutritional value for your family.

Our company adopts great care and precision in the production and packaging process.

We absolutely guarantee that no product will leave our facility without being compliant with the high standards of Australian food certification, right down to the very last granule!