Cotton Tree Thrive is proudly Australian made and owned, premium milk powder and formula. Thrive every stage of life. Stage 1, 2, 3

Infant Formula

There is no love greater than a parents love.

With that love, comes the need to feed your baby nothing but the best - nature’s best. Cotton Tree Thrive is a 100% Australian family owned company, passionate about supplying 100% Australian made premium infant milk powder. 

As a family we wanted to be sure we could feed our children the best and most nutritious infant formula we could find. We wanted certainty that all ingredients were of premium quality, healthy and safe. It was from this very desire that the range of Cotton Tree Thrive infant milk powders was developed.

What makes Thrive so healthy is that the milk is sourced from the lush, green dairy farms of Victoria, one of Australia’s most famous dairy regions.  We then adopt a methodical approach adding only premium ingredients resulting in the highest standard of infant formula from the pristine Australian environment. We pride ourselves on ensuring every step of the production process is exceeds health and regulatory requirements to ensure you get a premium quality product.

Made from nature’s best, Cotton Tree Thrive’s range of specialised dairy based powders are enhanced with the right balance of vitamins and minerals to suit each stage of your child’s development – so your baby grows up to thrive!

Please take a moment to read the statement about breatfeeding here.

Stage 1
Premium Infant

0-6 months

Stage 1 infant healthy Australian baby milk formula powder for new borns to babies and infants 6 months old
Stage 2
Premium Infant
Follow on Formula

6-12 months

Stage 2 milk follow-on formula for children, babies, infants agen 6 months to 1 year old
Stage 3
Premium Toddler

1-3 years

Stage 3 toddler milk formula for babies and children agen 1 year, 2 year to 3 years old